Nihon Denshi Service Corporation

Our Services

Types of Machines Sold

Lathes, milling machines, machining centers, other machine tools, peripheral equipment for machine tools, handling new and used machines

Maintenance Services

Quickly fixing sudden troubles and breakdowns for all types of machine tools.
Routine check ups and replacing expendable parts for all types of machines, fixing machines maintenanced by the manufacturer. (including the purchase of parts)
▼ We also deal with machines the manufacturer cannot repair themselves. We have a track record of many electronic and mechanical repairs.

Relocation and Installation

We can accommodate a variety of requests, from in-factory to long-distance relocations.
Consult with us about small and large machines alike, from lathes to horizontal machining centers with pallet changers.

Precision Measurements and Precision Adjustments

We help to achieve high performance in precision machinery.

Remodeling and Improving Machine Tools

We will add the customer's requested specifications to any type of machine. We can also retrofit machines.

Photos of our service